Routine Calibration visits only for either one Tachograph Rolling Road or one Roller Brake Tester and associated Tachograph Test Equiptment at either an Approved Tachograph Centre, Authorised Testing Facility or independent Roller Brake Tester.

This agreement is for 12 months duration and must be paid for annually in advance or paid in 12 monthly instalments on direct debit at £60.00 per month.

The annual advance cost of the Bronze Calibration Agreement is £850.00 – this covers the next two calibration visits.

Requests to repair defects to test equipment will be dealt with as follows:

  1. Within 48hrs of the engineer being first notified of a defect (excluding Weekends & Bank Holidays) we will make every  effort to be on site.
  2. All parts will be charged for in the normal way. Warranty claims will be raised by the repairing engineer to cancel any charges where appropriate.
  3. Charges for this service agreement are made up as per this example:

    2 hours travelling 2 Hours labour on site @ £65.00/hour

    = £100.00
    = £260.00
    = £360.00

Bronze Calibration Agreement is a Calibration only agreement, a visual inspection of the equipment is all that is carried out. No lubrication, greasing, adjustments or changing of any consumable parts on any of the test equipment will take place whatsoever unless authorised by an additional order number in advance for labour and material, if appropriate.

A report will be made upon the condition of the equipment and any rectification or maintenance requirements reported on. Only free of charge legal or technical updates will be carried out. Updates that may be chargeable will only be carried out if an order number is provided, if appropriate, prior to the visit being booked.