Extended Care 5 Year Warranty

For customers with Authorised Tachography Centre or Authorised Testing Facility.

The total cost of the Extended Car 5 Year Warranty will be £TBA Paid in full at time of invoice /delivery of the New Roller Brake Tester and or Tachograph Test Equipment. Or paid in 60 monthly installments on direct debit at £TBA per month.

This service has a part number which is Extended Care 5 Year Warranty ATF/RBT/TCO.

This option is for Brand new equipment installed by Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd, other equipment will be considered, price on application.

Where a customer has paid in full or has a direct debit agreement in place for an Extended Care 5 Year Warranty Agreement, the customer will receive:

  1. Two calibration visits per year.
  2. All Authorised Tachograph Centre and Authorised Test Facility test equipment on site that is capable of being calibrated by the company, that is included on Appendix C, is at all times within calibration to the satisfaction of the VOSA/DVSA tester on site.
  3. The company will attend site for repairs the next working day after our office being first notified (excluding Weekends and Bank Holidays) without charges for call-out, travel time or labour.
  4. Attend up to 2 call out/breakdowns each year, if required as stated below, free of charge of labour. All parts will be charged for in the normal way. Warranty claims will be raised by the repairing engineer to cancel any charges where appropriate.
  5. All new equipment supplied by Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd will be treated as being on this agreement during any warranty period.
  6. Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd reserve the right to despatch material overnight as an alternative to attendance on site if the company deem that the ATF/ATC centre are capable of installing the defective part.
  7. All material will be treated as warranty from the start date of the Extended Care 5 Year Warranty or from 5 years from date of delivery/commissioning of the new equipment, whichever comes first.
  8. Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd reserves the right to replace any defective material with reconditioned/repaired material as appropriate.
  9. Specifically excluded from above are the following:

    Consumables: filters, oxygen sensors, printer paper, printer cartridges, keyboard, mouse, infrared or BT dongles, wireless routers, test cables, test leads, batteries, oil/temp probes, hoses.

    Software: Third party software that is not specifically of Continental, Crypton, VDO or BM design or manufacturer.

    PC Hardware: Damage to hard drive caused by malicious software or additional software loaded onto the PC by persons not authorised by Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd.

    Brake Tester: Materials or labour incurred in the re-gritting of Brake Testers.

  10. General: Any equipment that has not been used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or has been dropped, damaged,
    defaced or subject to any abuse or improper use or subject to exposure to extremes of heat, light, cold, moisture or current/voltage overload.

It is a condition of the terms of the Extended Care 5 Year Warranty that the company can remotely access any PC controlling any test equipment included in this agreement, via Net/Team Viewer using the customers own internet connection.

A full list of all the obligations placed upon both Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd and the user of the equipment is specified on the terms and conditions in Appendix A attached.

An example of an Extended Care agreement is on Appendix B attached.

A list of all the test equipment with serial numbers and description of those product types covered by these agreements must be completed on Appendix C prior to any agreement being in force.

All prices quoted in this document are plus VAT.